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OCT. 9, 2013


After many months of info-leaks and dance-land buzz, dating back to late 2012, electronic music maven Paul van Dyk’s next project will be the long whispered‘Politics of Dancing 3’.

Spinning off from his much praised turn-of-the-millennium mix-comp series, its release will form a generational and stylistic bridge from the illustrious first two chapters. ‘POD3’ will see PvD again operate in a wide-open musical space, working with a handpicked company of singers, songwriters and co-producers,both established and nu-blood. The producer – an inspiration to scores of others, who last month passed the 1 million Twitter Followers milestone – is ready to continue the story of The Politics of Dancing…

On confirming the news of POD’s return, van Dyk said:after almost a decade I’m thrilled to find myself here today, on the threshold of bringing back The Politics of Dancing. Fans have long told me that they felt that POD was unfinished PvD business. Over the last few years I’ve come to share that belief and in 2012 I decided it was time to address this. As a direct result of that I’ve found that ‘Politics 3’ has presented me with a wonderful opportunity. As well as some of my regular studio friends, it’s given me the chance to be able to work with many producers that I’ve long wanted to collaborate with. This has brought about music I’m tremendously excited about. I can’t wait to show you all what ‘The Politics of Dancing’ means 8 years after its last release!

Already confirmed to the ‘POD3’ tracklist is the current single ‘We Are Tonight’, which sees PvD teaming up for the first time with singer/songwriter Christian Burns.

In late October/early November 2013, supported region-by-region by many of his‘POD3’ co-producers, Paul will commence touring the ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’s music live around the world. Through the album’s astonishing real-time built-up street-art visuals, thematically the shows will explore the essence and meaning of the politics of dancing.The first dates to be announced will take the ‘POD3’ show to the United Kingdom, full details of which are below.

10.18 Digital, Newcastle
10.19 Gatecrasher, Donnington
10.19 Take Off Festival, South-on-Sea
10.25 Mandela Hall, Belfast
10.26 Colours, Glasgow
10.27 The Academy, Dublin

The musical manifesto is drafted, the audio agenda set – this autumn, Paul van Dyk will finally return to The Politics of Dancing.