THE BUZZ: Paul van Dyk Featured in Red Bull TV’s ‘Visions of Greatness’ Documentary


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Paul van Dyk’s unique story is the subject of Red Bull TV’s new documentary series ‘Visions of Greatness’. The iconic German trance producer/DJ is profiled in a new episode entitled ‘The Unifiers’, which focuses on Paul van Dyk’s remarkable ascent to prominence despite his oppressive environment

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Paul van Dyk’s story starts in his hometown of East Berlin, where he lived under a communist regime through the first 18 years of his life. The documentary examines how Paul first discovered electronic music, right at its inception in the late 1980s. He discusses at length the moment he heard electronic music for the first time, how he religiously listened to it on AM radio broadcasts from West Berlin, and more fascinating tidbits from the early days of his career.

“Despite growing up on different sides of the globe, Paul van Dyk and Wyclef Jean shared the experience of an early life filled with strife and isolation. But these great artists channeled that into an unquenchable desire to bring people together.” – Red Bull’s synopsis of ‘The Unifiers’

Moreso than simply telling the story of his early career, ‘The Unifiers’ examines Paul van Dyk’s ability to bring people together through his music. Dance music undoubtedly attracts one of the more eclectic and diverse demographics of music fans, and the fact that Paul is able to bring people from all walks of life together for the love of music is truly what makes him one of the more remarkable DJs to have ever spun a record.

“Growing up in East Berlin, I learned that music has the ability to bring people together from different cultural backgrounds, different citizenships, it doesn’t it matter. All that matters is actually tolerance and respect. Be tolerant of the person next to you; tolerate that they may be gay or have green hair or whatever. Accept each other for what we are and tolerate that. I believe music at the essence is exactly that” – quote from Paul from ‘The Unifiers’

Paul van Dyk’s collaboration with Red Bull TV ‘Visions Of Greatness‘ is now available through the Redbull TV app and