Adam K vs. Pairanoid “Eliminate” Out Now on Dim Mak Records

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MARCH 26, 2014

Hailing from Toronto, Hotbox Digital Records founder Adam K and production duo Pairanoid have come together to bring destruction to the dance floor. Out now on Dim Mak Records, “Eliminate” is nothing less than epic with daunting choirs and a badass cello to lead your wildest dreams into complete bass insanity.
For Adam K, it’s tremendous amounts of skill, creativity, hard work, and years of perfecting his craft that have catapulted him into the upper echelon of dance music. Fueling his stellar live sets is over 15 years of experience in mastering sound design, audio engineering and producing. His keen ear for shaping sounds and knack for composing emotional hooks fuse together to create his trademark style. Traveling around the globe, Adam’s mastery in the studio translates directly into the art of DJing, and he has rocked single-show crowds upwards of 10,000 for legendary promoters and venues.
Upstart Toronto duo Pairanoid are quickly stamping their name on the world of electronic dance music. Mentored by Adam K, Pairanoid have shaped their sound using a combination of hard-driven basslines, tight percussion, and melodic flare that has gotten them noticed by industry superstars and tastemakers alike, and their polished productions are already captivating dancefloors and festivals around the world. Their debut release “Out of Control” on Hotbox Digital hit the Beatport Electro Top 100 and found its way into the boxes of top DJs such as Tiesto, Gareth Emery, BT, Wolfgang Gartner, Eddie Halliwell and more.

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