No Place I’d Rather Be: DirtyBird Campout 2015 (Inaugural Festival)


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October 9, 2015 – Last weekend in Silverado, CA nestled 4,000 Dirtybird campers for three days full of filthy beats, endless fun and all around amazing vibes.  The first annual Dirtybird Campout, hosted by the Dirtybird label crew and headed by the one and only, Claude VonStroke, was a huge success (on multiples surely).  

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Not only did Claude rectify the definition of a summer music festival, he delivered a birdhouse haven for cocks and chicks of all types to flock to.  Providing everything reminiscent of an American youth summer camp, the Dirtybird Cookout had everyone in attendance fully stimulated and constantly active.  Whether you were showcasing talents at the camp talent show, aiming high at the archery field or pulling strings in a game of tug of war, there was never a dull moment to be had at camp.  While you paddled across the lake on one of the several boats provided, you might’ve by chance caught Counselor Claude strolling across the bridge with his megaphone in hand and smile on face.  The dirtybird players made sure to get in on the action, competing against campers in kickball, joining the daily tie-dyeing shenanigans or simply partying and dancing along with all the other campers.  Did you notice we haven’t even gotten on the topic of performances from the weekend?


Dirtybird label artists’ Justin Jay, Ardalan and Justin Martin were just a few of the talent featured on Friday’s list of artists providing the campers with non-stop, downright fantastic sets. The party continued into 7am Saturday, closing the birdhouse stage at 2am and relocating the mid-morning festivities to the Late Night Lodge, where Christian Martin welcomed the sunrise.  Moving into Saturday afternoon were the tech house sounds provided by Worthy, but didn’t stop there as Sonny Fodera and Kill Frenzy handled business throughout the evening, all leading up to Claude VonStroke’s closing set for the birdhouse that night.  At any given point in time during the weekend, however, the stage was effortlessly providing the campgrounds with rhythmic beats and an irresistible urge to dance. And of course, shout out to the guest appearance of Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude himself, during a special Sunday morning set, which differed from his normal tech and house “fiosaude” and featured hits like “Pony” by Ginuwine and other classic 90s hip-hop music.  In case you haven’t realized by now, the music was far from being a concern of the weekend!  What, then, could have possibly put a damper on this glorious festival?

Rain would be one of them, but would it really be camp if campers were not able to adapt and overcome?  Whether you were literally slip n sliding in the mud, dancing barefoot with newly acquired mud slippers or waterproofing what you could salvage of your campsite, the rain made its presence known but did not affect any of the weekend’s planned festivities.  No music was jeopardized by the weather and pleasurable activities ensued as scheduled.  If anything, I am sure merchandise sales increased to bundle up in the fight against the dropping temperatures, but that type of profit is well deserved by Dirtybird after pulling last weekend off in the manner that they so swimmingly did.

Dirtybird campout went one deeper with meritorious badges rewarded throughout the weekend by counselors and staff.  Our team member here at WOTN received the “Super Camper” badge personally from the hands of Claude himself.  A badge that very proudly found a home alongside two other merit badges rewarded last weekend that came home with us.  Campers also had the chance to become part of a team by signing up at Games HQ and receiving a colored bandana to represent their team pride!

How did campers find the time to compete in all these scheduled games and workshops with all-day/night long scheduled music, you ask?

The solution: One stage!  That’s right, with only one artist spinning at a time, catching your most anticipated DJ’s set time was a breeze.  Not only did this make enjoying the music significantly easier by avoiding conflicting set times, friends were able to find their group with ease as well.  I mean, if you knew the group you were there with, chances are you could find them within minutes of searching.  Phone reception was non-existent, but who needed it anyway?  Oak Canyon Park offered far more than what a cell phone tower could provide any day.

If there is one thing to take away from this event, it is that Dirtybird has set the tone for an exceptionally desirable festival.  Pairing up with the Do-Lab and the Grand Artique was a wise choice made by Dirtybird that managed to leave campers and counselors alike hoping they get the opportunity to count down the days until the second annual Dirtybird Campout.  As sad as it may be to see completed, congratulations are in order to Camp Director, Claude VonStroke, along with the entire Dirtybird team for successfully executing and accomplishing their first ever Dirtybird Campout.

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