Mason Maynard Talks Coming to America, Music and This Month’s ‘The Feeling’


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Meteoric talent Mason Maynard brings his groove-laden house sound Stateside

Manchester DJ Mason Maynard chats about crossing the pond, touring the States for the first time and a new release on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label.

Hey Mason! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How does it feel to be touring America for the first time? Is this a personal milestone for you?

Mason: Hi guys, pleasure’s mine. It feels insane to be in America for one as I’ve never been able to come here in my life so to be here for the first time and touring is a great feeling. I definitely won’t be forgetting this experience as I’ve wanted to come to and see American culture my entire life having seen if from across the water.

You’ve played a few dates so far. Which city has been your favorite thus far and why?

Mason: I’d have to say Los Angeles up to now. The city itself lived up to everything and more than what I’d thought it was and the show at Shrine with my man Fisher and Chris Lake was out of this world and that’s no exaggeration! Special shout to Orlando as that was my first ever USA show so it’ll hold sentimental value forever.

The Shrine Auditorium is a landmark venue in LA. What was it like playing in such a historic venue?

Mason: Yeah, as I said Shrine was incredible! I didn’t know much about it until I got there and was told some things about its history so it’s really cool to be able to add my print to its story.

Now that you’re in tour mode, what are you currently listening to and what sounds can your fans expect to hear at the shows?

Mason: For the journeys, I’m listening to Tribe Called Quest – The Anthology, The Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia, Good Kid MAAD City by Kendrick Lamar and some other cool albums…I tend to listen to the same things explicitly when I travel.

At my shows, I’m trying to further the education of people coming to see me by playing stuff that I’ve either made myself and is unreleased or stuff that maybe people haven’t heard before over here. Just trying to cut a different path than to what’s already out here.

Have you had any time to rest and explore the different cities yet? If so what have you been getting up to in your downtime?

Mason: It has been in and out of each city up to now, but I have eaten some great food which I was looking forward to doing and will continue to do as much as I can lol. I had a couple of days off in LA–met up with some friends and had a look around, did some shopping.

Green Velvet and Fisher are joining you throughout the stint. How did this grouping come together?

Mason: So Velvet and I obviously talk nearly every day for the past couple years he’s like my big brother/uncle/mentor/friend/OG type thing so it was only right that we continued to collaborate and play the same shows as people like the sound we’ve made together. Fish, I met last year, we have the same agents and we’ve become really great friends too all his crew too are super dope so we all hook up and it’s great to be playing with him as he obviously attracts huge crowds and then hands me the keys to show my stuff off which I’m grateful for!

Do you get homesick being so far away from home? Any home comforts you’re missing in particular?

Mason: Not homesick per se, but I’d prefer to have my crew out here with me to share the experience but that’ll come at a later date. I’m really excited to be here so there’s not much need to be homesick I’m tryna soak it all up.

How do American audiences compare to ones back home in the UK?

Mason: That’s a good question. I think the UK crowds are a little more rowdy than American crowds, but having said that Americans really get busy. It’s like the same kind of craziness, but just displayed in different ways. Both a pleasure to play for.

A new release on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label is on the horizon. Is there anything you can share on how it’s shaping up?

Mason: Yeah the release is long done and comes out on March 8. I started “Boundaries” last year and sent it to Lee, he played it for it some months then hit me up about another song to release with it. I didn’t have one that I thought was on the same vibe but I sent “The Feeling” and he hit me up saying he loved it and it reminded him of early Hot Natured sound which for me was obviously the biggest compliment.

To cap off our interview with Mason, he curated a mini-playlist to give us a peek of the music that drives and inspires him.

Mason’s Current Top 5:

Really proud of this one as I’ve shown the other side to my music that I’d been keeping to the confines on my studio walls until now. Also blessed that Lee has enough trust in me to let me release at a milestone in his label so congrats and thanks to him. The other songs in this list have all contributed in some way to my sets or the making of this EP.

There’s nothing else to it. This is without a doubt one of my favourite songs, I’m desperate to see them perform this live.

This song makes me think of being in a fairy tale somewhere where there’s only sunshine and good times, sounds a bit like Ibiza or an LSD trip. One of the two.

What do I need to say?

Huge remix by Jamie here, plenty of emotion in that driving arpeggio with the guitars as a blanket on top. Also, bias as he’s my biggest inspirations.

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