Marrying Audio & Visual, French Electronic Artist Jumo Releases ‘Périodes Aléatoires’ EP


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French Experimental Electronic Artist Jumo, marries audio and visual with his new ‘PÉRIODES ALÉATOIRES’ EP

Four years ago, Clément Leveau gave birth to Jumo, a musical avatar and singular identity, that allowed him to give free rein to his passion for image. Characterized by sophisticated production, heady melodies, and a cinematic atmosphere, Clément makes Jumo a multi-disciplinary project in which the audio and the visual feed into each other.

Jumo – Et Le Vent ? (Music Video)


As a graphic designer by trade, Jumo sits at the service of a dark and visual universe that perfectly fits the contours of his music. With the release of single ‘Aléa,’ marking the beginning of a fruitful relationship with the Parisian, Nowadays Records, Jumo returns with a new project via his family imprint in which music and image are in symbiosis; ‘Périodes Aléatoires.’

Jumo – Normal (Music Video)


Throughout 2019, the musical narrative of Jumo continues to unfold with a series of EP’s laying new stepping stones for his stylistic transformation. The first, ‘Périodes Aléatoires’ sees Jumo explore new horizons, with an emotive and danceable feel. Always evocative, his music is once again inseparable from the videos that he puts forward alongside it. A hypnotic concept that marries the audio and visual experience perfectly, Jumo’s sleek and progressive sound is markedly club-oriented. Unshaken by the markers that define his difference, Jumo creates a dreamlike atmosphere, a modernity at the edge of the avant-garde, with a sense of detail bordering on perfectionism.

Listen to Jumo ‘Périodes Aléatoires’

Jumo ‘Périodes Aléatoires’ is OUT NOW via Nowadays Records