Here’s the lowdown on Markus Schulz’ new album “Scream 2″ + Listen To The Album Mini Mix

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JAN. 24, 2014


Markus Schulz today announces that his much anticipated artist album, Scream 2, will be released February 21 on Armada Music. Scream 2 is simply massive; spanning 17 tracks that go beyond the boundaries of tranceas we know it. Markus has put his heart and soul into a work that’s a complete album from start to finish and that features vocalists including the inimitable CeCe Peniston.

Since the release of his first Scream album in 2012, Markus’ schedule has been relentless. A tour itinerary which included a 20-date bus tour across the United States, marathon sets lasting as long as 12 hours and with show stealing performances at the likes of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowlandand Transmission, his dedication to entertain and educate the art of DJing is greatly respected.

“Reloaded” starts on this trance-ndentaljourney and it sets the tone for the entire album. Markus is back with a vengeance and he’s showing off those massive synths. He’s restocked the cache and ready to roll with this unbelievable instrumental. This leads into“Revolution,” a signal that the trance landscape is changing and for the better. It’s a gorgeous blend of uplifting melodies and vocals from Chris Madin. The intensity continues to build with “Blown Away;” where trance meets black lipstick and mascara. It’s a journey through the darker side of the genre with Liz Primo as your narrator. The cascading strings of Markus’ autumn 2013 smash single and Beatport number one, “Remember This,” is next up and leads into the stunning “Erase You (feat. Lady Vee).”It’s such a delicate balance as Lady Vee’s striking vocals are a perfect complement to Markus’ soul touching production. The synth and string battle of instrumental track “Destino”gives way to a spiritual high with Adina Butar as the voice of “Muse” before Markus drops a trance anthem for all of mankind with “Dancing In The Key Of Life.”

So now we’re at the halfway point of Scream 2 and you’ll no doubt realize that you’re experiencing something special. It’s an amazing ebb and flow of instrumental and vocal tracks that never let up throughout. And the production? To die for. Getting back to the tracks, “Lord Knows (feat. Liz Horsman)” and “Fireworks (with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul Aiden)” are next and great examples of how beyond beats and synths, the voice is an amazing instrument. Markus’ allows Liz Horsman and Paul Aiden, respectively, to lead the way here as both build drama leading to a massive release. It’s like an orchestra completely in synch and filling the room. Following the monstrous instrumental “In The Shadows,” Markus teams with CeCe Peniston – legendary vocalist and one of the most successful artists in dance music history –on “Make You Fall.” Together, Markus and CeCe bring a depth and passion rarely seen in dance music these days. Next, “Mango” and“Mardi Gras” is a fierce locomotive through the dance floor leading to “Gravity (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick);” one that leaves you hanging just above the clouds before hitting the ground running again with “Reflection.” Markus closes the door on this second chapter in the Scream series with “Towards The Sun (with Rex Mundi).” A warm ambience builds into 4/4 bliss with the promise of great days ahead. There you go…a remarkable album from start to finish.

Markus Schulz will celebrate Scream 2 with than four special release parties – a sold out Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on February 6, Markus’ hometown of Miami at Mansion on February 7, his first ever open to close solo set experienceNew York City’s Pacha on February 8and his residency at Ministry of Sound in London on February 14.

Scream 2will be available on CD and iTunes from Armada Music, February 21, 2014.

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