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Talented producer Mark Adam recently provided a remix for Moonlight Records, remixing SageThaCat’s ‘Dizzy’ from the ‘Work EP’ also featuring Orlando Voorn. 

We asked Mark for the tracks that are doing it for him on the dance floor right now… 

Stenny – Consumerʼs Tool [ILIAN TAPE]

“The first track that came to mind for a list like this. I play this just about as often as I can get away with, and I think itʼs obvious why. Its a percussive tool 100%, and it makes for such fun cutting. “

Drifting.dubs – Groove #2.5 [Substation Recordings]

“A local contribution to the list. Just out a month ago on a compilation by stalwart Calgary label Substation, this tunes smokey, chunky, tech house. I think Iʼve just seen Drifting.dubs play enough vinyl sets in his natural habitat that when I hear this one it just takes me right to those hazy afterhours.”

Head high – Hex Factor [Power House]

“Shed was one of the first techno artists I got interested in when I was younger. Listening to his newer release under his pseudonym Head High got me digging back, and this oneʼs everything you could want in a breaks tune. An emotional give n take, rippin break solos. Yep.”

Skudge – Void [Echocord Colour]

“You could honestly put any Skudge song here but I have been playing this one a fair bit more then Iʼd like to admit. Chordy, groovy, and most importantly loopable. “

Percussions – KHLHI [Text Records]

“Four Tetʼs older more experimental tunes have always been sitting around music for me, but heʼs really doing something right with his newer minimal house stuff under the name KH. This one is an older tune of the same style, but itʼs a masterclass in sampling, and a showcase in just unparalleled hardware chops. Dancefloor destroyer.”

Mark Adam’s latest remix is out now on Moonlight Records