Detroit Techno Pioneer Kevin Saunderson Resurrects E-Dancer


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Kevin Saunderson Releases “Into The Future” Under E-Dancer Moniker



Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson has revived his underground house alias E-Dancer to present his most recent track “Into the Future,” out now on his own KMS Records. An integral member of the celebrated Belleville Three, alongside fellow Detroit natives Juan Atkins and Derrick May, this release is both a product of Saunderson’s rich musical heritage and an example of his ability to continuously develop as an artist.

With a steady techno beat and brilliantly produced progression, “Into the Future” takes listeners on a journey that transcends the here and now. Debuted by PAPER Magazine, the track’s gritty yet groovy sentiment is a perfect continuation of the very first E-Dancer album Heavenly, released in 1998.

From his curation of the Origins stage at Detroit’s Movement festival to his involvement in ICA London’s Detroit: Techno City exhibit, Kevin Saunderson has played a vital role in developing and expanding his genre for over three decades. His many monikers such as Kreem, The Reese Project, and Tronik House are evidence of such expansion, allowing both himself and his techno successors room to experiment and innovate for years to come.



Kevin Saunderson as E-Dancer “Into The Future” Out Now via KMS Records. Available via