MAKJ Debuts First Single “Get Whoa” (feat. Fly Boi Keno) on his newly launched KENZ Records

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Looking to bring new and innovative talent to the forefront, artist MAKJ announces the launch of his brand new imprint KENZ.
In the behind-the-scenes footage, MAKJ gives viewers a look into the
process behind KENZ, from the creation of its high-concept artwork to
his devotion to every demo that comes his way.

In the video he explains,

someone really supported my music, I realized I could make it as an
artist. I want to do that for you, and I want to do that for as long as
possible if you are on KENZ. That’s what KENZ and my team are going to
do for you, that’s the whole point of this record label. Helping other
artists out there grow into what they want to become.”

Kicking off the launch, MAKJ teams up with artist Fly Boi Keno for “Get Whoa,”
the inaugural release off KENZ. The tenacious energy of Fly Boi Keno’s
vocals are the perfect addition to MAKJ’s edgy synths and hard-hitting
bass, making “Get Woah” an ideal preview of the cutting-edge music that
is to come from KENZ.

Out Now via KENZ Records iTunes

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