[Out Now] Jamie Jones Illicit Behaviour EP via Kaoz Theory

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Paradise figurehead and Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones is back with another hotly-anticipated EP, this time on house legend Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory imprint. The Illicit Behaviour EP comes with two original productions from Jamie and three remixes.

title track’s deep dubby bassline runs underneath a discordant yet
catchy electronic melody, a trademark feature amongst many of Jamie’s
original productions. Skipping claps keep the pace whilst machine-like
rattling adds depth, with a robotic, distorted vocal repeating the
“Illicit Behaviour” refrain. “New Skool Acid” on the B-side gets off to a
thumping start with a heavy bass melody and whirring percussion. It’s
the breakdowns filled with low-pitched acid stabs that lends the track
its distinctive character, whilst subtle vocal stutters add extra

Moon Harbour boss and mainstay at Jamie’s Paradise, Matthias Tanzmann
is first up on the remix duties with “New Skool Acid.” Tanzmann
delivers a distinctly old-school take on Jones’ original offset with a
more prominent vocal. Next up, Kaoz Theory associate Stephane Ghenacia puts
an original twist on the record. The percussion is muffled, with a soft
grooving bassline, whilst smooth rides keep the tempo for a subtle,
classic house feel.

Signing off the remixes is Seb Zito,
best known for his association with the FUSE London label and event
series. His is a more straight-up, jacking affair, with the acid stab
melody of the original echoed in higher-pitched, faster synths in the

Illicit Behaviour is out now
via Kaoz Theory iTune and Beatport

1. Jamie Jones – Illicit Behaviour
2. Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid
3. Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
4. Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid (Stephane Ghenacia Remix)
5. Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid (Seb Zito Remix)

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