Introducing Viberate: The Most Powerful Statistical Tool Ever Developed for Dance Music


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New Statistical Analysis Platform Viberate Aims to Settle DJ Popularity Debate

With dance music more popular globally than at any other time in its history, the desire to rank its key players naturally becomes a bigger and more frequent conversation. Viberate aims to provide an answer to that argument, based on hard data rather than votes.
Based on data taken from a huge range of sources (they currently analyze over 5.6 billion data points, a figure that grows daily) Viberate analyses artists, record labels, and music venues, grouping their insights into four distinct segments of LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY and RESPECT, and ranking them accordingly. Charts can be filtered by genre, territory and a range of other sub-divisions, making Viberate’s analysis both relevant and flexible.
The range of channels analyzed by Viberate includes social media, streaming sites, music stores, gig calendars and other relevant music-related channels, with 37,000 artists currently in their database, making it the most comprehensive and reliable statistical service currently available.
LOVE focuses on the audience of a venue, label or artist, taking data from social media and streaming sites – including the levels of engagement on each – and is a far more dynamic and accurate method of ranking popularity than simply totaling up followers.
MUSIC measures the performance of music content across streaming channels and music stores for artists and record labels, while PARTY analyzes the influence of events on artists and music venues, analyzing data from gig calendars. Landing a gig at Pacha can boost an aspiring DJ’s Party score, while a relatively unknown venue getting a superstar DJ to play for them will similarly boost their ranking.
The final measure Viberate analyzes is RESPECT, a ranking of how labels, artists, and venues can influence each other. Here it examines gig and production collaborations and the identity of followers, and how being followed by a big name DJ can tell a lot about the potential of an artist or a label.
One of Viberate’s founders is Slovenian techno stalwart UMEK. “I’ve been actively involved in creating the global electronic music scene for more than 20 years, producing music and playing on all continents. Now it’s time for me to start changing the business part too and with Viberate we will rock its very foundation.”
Viberate is now live as an open beta. Initially, only the Artist analysis will be available, with Labels and Venues to follow soon, making it a one-stop shop for music professionals in need of an overview of the electronic music ecosystem. The service will be free to use for the first couple of weeks, after which users will have the choice to continue with a free, limited-access account, or upgrade to the premium account at a cost of $49.95 per month. Additional genres outside of electronic music will be added at a later date, making Viberate relevant for music professionals across the board.

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