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SEPT. 17, 2013 


You might think you’ve seen some crazy weird parties in late October, but LED’s Yellow Halloween installment of the Dada Life Compound is set to seriously freak you out. Joining Dada Life at LED’s San Diego Compound will be a whole bunch of their bananas-in-arms, including A-Trak, Clockwork, Craze, Caveat, Michael Woods, Jacques Lu Cont & TJR.

The Dada Life Compound is a seriously special occasion, underpinned by the compound’s one rule: ‘No rules, but the rules of the Dada’. Impossible to contain in a club setting the Dada Compound’s drink of choice is champagne, served only by spray, no glasses allowed. Dirty, debauched and delicious, the Dada Compound is at its heart, pure DADA, underpinned by the bombastic big-room party-starting madness that has come to be expected from the Swedish duo.

In keeping with the LED tradition of hosting seriously monstrous Halloween bashes (2011 saw LED host Deadmau5 & Avicii, and 2012 Afrojack’s Jacked), presenting the Dada Compound will be a first in San Diego. Given LED’s long-standing relationship with Dada Life, that includes producing their official music videos for ‘Cookies With A Smile’, and ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ and hosting the first ever Dada Life San Diego show back in 2009, its pretty safe to expect a raucously good and deliriously yellow time.

LED & Dada Life have a long history of going ape sh*t together.

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