[Review] The Martinez Brothers at Flash Factory, March 5, 2016

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On a much awaited return to the nightlife of NYC, The
Martinez Brothers
finally made their appearance at Flash Factory this past
weekend.  The night kicked off with some
smooth vibes and an undeniably intoxicating groove that filled every crevice of
the room.   Being that The Martinez
Brothers are a New York based duo, it is safe to say their fan base showed up
in full force as the venue was packed out by 1AM. With such a full house, no
matter what transpired, the night was bound to be a raging party.

The direction the music went throughout the night felt as
though they were playing it safe.  The
entire set, although they were dancing and smiling on stage, seemed like the
artistic expression they possess was kept on a leash rather than being let to
run wild with the creatures of the nightlife.
To this we ask… Has fame suppressed the live creative flow? Or is
touring taking a toll?  Despite this they
still managed to impress the crowd with some well known Martinez Brothers
originals as well as some transcendent ID tracks to keep the crowd

By: Anthony Romano (@ToneMusic_)

Photo Credit: Chase Morgan