MOOGFEST: Dial-Tones Live Improvisational Artist Performance Saturday, February 27th at the Ace Hotel New York


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What:          Moogfest Dial-Tones at Ace Hotel New York:
                    Synth Building Workshops, Live Performance,
                    and After Party (door times below)

When:         Saturday, February 27, 2017
                    Youth workshop:           12:30pm
                    Adult workshop:             5:30pm
                    Performance:                 9:00pm
                    After-Party:                    11:00pm
Where:        Ace Hotel New York – Liberty Hall
                    20 West 29th Street
Cost:           Free
Tickets: Space and seating is limited.

New Yorkers can learn how to build a Moog synthesizer and experience some of New York City’s most vibrant underground electronic music artists, including Patricia, Antenes, Via App, and Bookworms, at Moogfest Dial-Tones, a national series of free workshops, performances, and parties presented in partnership with Ace Hotel. The New York City event will take place at Ace Hotel New York on Saturday, February 27th.

Workshops for children and adults will be offered, giving participants an opportunity to explore the beauty and power of analog circuitry and subtractive synthesis as special guest instructor and Moog Music engineer Amos Gaynes leads the build of a Moog Werkstatt-01 synthesizer.

Seating is limited. Reserve your spot today by RSVPing at

More than 250 of the world’s most forward-thinking musicians, artists, and technologists – from GZA, Gary Numan, Laurie Anderson and Grimes to virtual-reality pioneer Jaron Lanier, transhumanist visionary Dr. Martine Rothblatt, and cyborg artist Neil Harbisson – are slated to appear at Moogfest 2016, taking place in Durham, NC, May 19-22, 2016. For more on the lineup and programming, visit

Dial-Tones is an international event series that offers an exclusive preview of the Moogfest 2016 experience in select cities around the world. Curated by Moogfest, Dial-Tones celebrates the form and frequencies surrounding ambient, drone, and microtonal compositions, as well as the technology behind the art of synthesis.

In each city, Moogfest partners with a local organization to host the children’s workshop as well as Moogfest 2016 artists to curate the live performance portion. In its hometown of Durham, Moogfest partnered with artist Nick Sanborn of Made of Oak / Sylvan Esso and in Los Angeles with Nosaj Thing whose collective featured Shlohmo, Emily Kokal (Warpaint), DJ Dodger Stadium, Teebs & D Tiberio.

Dial-Tones carries on to San Francisco in partnership with Grey Area Art & Technology Center on Saturday, March 5.

Watch excerpts from Moogfest Dial-Tones series featuring Nick Sanborn, Nosaj Thing and Emily Kokan of Warpaint here:

Schedule of Events

12:30 PM: The Youth Workshop

Partnering with Makery NYC, Dial-Tones provides youth with a fun, intensive hands-on educational opportunity. Across just 90 minutes, students will learn synth-basics and walk away inspired. Doors will open at 12:30; the workshop itself at 1:00 PM.

05:30: The Adult Workshop

As the adult workshop is limited to (20) participants, we ask that prospective guests only sign-up if 100% available. All workshop RSVPs will receive an email from Moogfest confirming attendance. Doors will open at 5:30; the workshop itself at 6:00 PM.

Special, limited-offer packages are available:

Werkstatt-01 Synth built in the workshop + Moogfest 2016 GA ticket for $249 (a $450 value)

Werkstatt-01 Synth built in the workshop + Moogfest 2016 VIP ticket for $499 (a $698 value)

09:00 PM: Live Performance

Dial-Tones emphasis on collaborations, improv, and experimentation will be highlighted as Moogfest 2016 artists perform on a custom Dial-Tones sound system composed of 10 synthesizers, a mixer, and an audio-reactive lighting setup created by Moog engineer Amos Gaynes.

Patricia, Antenes, Via App, and Bookworms will first collaborate on an improvisational ambient piece, and then, over the course of an hour listeners will be guided through an evolving drone — an auditory ‘exquisite corpse’ if you will, which is being recorded for later release. Doors will be at 9:00 PM; performances begin at 09:30 PM.

11:00 PM: Dial-Tones After Party

Into the later hours we pick-up the pace with Via App and Patricia performing live, as Bookworms (L.I.E.S.) rounds out the party with a DJ set. We’re going to be dancing late, a cash bar curated by The Breslin Bar and Dining Room will be open, and the vibes will be great inside Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York. || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Facebook

Patricia is the project of Chicago born and now NYC-based producer Max Ravitz. Max’s own sense of hardware based techno performance is part of a broader generation of artists making non-glossy, gritty, and unforgiving rhythms. The Patricia sound certainly has roots in acid and mid-western techno, but has a tinge of it’s own. It’s smokey, visceral, and keeps the body moving.


Dylan Scheer (Via App) is a producer and performing artist based in Queens. She sculpts and collages her synthesized sound with audio samples from a wide range of user-upload sites, field recordings, and popular culture to create a confused, dynamic narrative. Her work references an amalgam of club music throughout history, while refusing to adhere to any categorizable style.


New York-based DJ, producer and electronics artist Antenes (Lori Napoleon) operates a laboratory of self-made sequencers and synthesizers using vintage telephone equipment built in the name of sonic and spatial exploration.


San Francisco: 3/5

Purchase your Moogfest 2016 tickets here. General Admission, VIP and Engineer VIP passes available.