THE BUZZ: Diplo talks “Hold You Tight” on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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Diplo’s chats with Zane Lowe about his new EP, Higher Ground, and finding its sound. Diplo mentions he has a “big record” coming this summer with Elderbrook, and another one with Black Coffee

Diplo’s “Hold You Tight” is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1. He chats with Zane about his new EP, Higher Ground, out now, and finding its sound. Diplo mentions he has a “big record” coming this summer with Elderbrook, and another one with Black Coffee. He tells Zane he’s still learning and testing the waters to reach his audience.

Diplo on making a house music record:

Zane: Diplo! Brand new music. Higher Ground is the name of the EP, “Hold You Tight” is today’s world record, and we catch it with Diplo right now. Good morning, sir. How are you?

Diplo: I’m good. How are you feeling?

Zane: I’m doing really good, man. Tell us why this is a Diplo record, and didn’t turn into a Major Lazer record. I always struggle with you have so many things going on. Why did you decide to hold tight to this one?

Diplo: I think this is a clean house music sound, trying to develop a new style, like with a now sound, so this is the first of like eight records I’m putting out this summer.

Zane: Wow! You’ve been busy working on this. And, you know, what was the turning point for you in terms of getting something, getting the sound right in your head? You know, what do you search for to make sure you feel like you’ve got that evolution in place?

Diplo: I think we tested the waters with Silk City Project, that being like more vocal house, and more pop production. Just trying to see as far as we could do, as far as like songwriting would do. But other records we do, me and Mark, like only can get better. Like just trying to like find stuff that really reaches the audience, and it sounds new but still has like, you know, a bit of vintage feeling. Like we tried to do a French Touch record or Chicago House record.

I’m just like learning ’cause I don’t make … I made a lot of club music. I made hip-hop. But I don’t make a lot of houses in the last like five years. I’ve been playing so much of it. So, I’m trying to like just make something new, make a new event, make a new ceiling.

Diplo on future collaborations:

Zane: … and “Hold You Tight” from what I can tell doesn’t have any credit to it, in terms of there’s collaborations that are attached to this particular song, although it still has a vocal-heavy feel to it. But you’re saying you are working collaborators on forthcoming songs?

Diplo: Yeah, this summer I’ve got a big record with Elderbrook, who’s a dope songwriter, and andhim from Germany. A big one was Black Coffee later on this summer.

Zane: Oh amazing.

Diplo: Every record along the way, it’s like me trying to push it someway with different direction, like with the influences I have in house music, because right now is like a great time for house music. It’s going off in America, there are so many great underground acts that are doing big records. It’s kind of back to a classic sound and classic attitude when you go to a party and hear underground records. So hopefully one of these records is … Just trying to figure out which ones the people are into and find my direction, because it’s always a conversation with the audience, you know?

Diplo – Hold You Tight

Diplo Hold You Tight on Apple Music.