Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan return May 10th with brand new EP, ‘Flying Lizard’


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Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan “Flying Lizard” EP and Tour Dates

Following on from their ‘Call Of The Valley’ EP Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan return to their own imprint Ouïe with a brand new EP, called ‘Flying Lizard’

Inaugurated as an experimental space for left-field artists, the burgeoning label has secured a coveted reputation for issuing story-telling, evocative cuts which blur genres and challenge dancefloors. With this stirring, three-track outing, the duo once again steer Ouïe as being a valuable source of essential electronica for open-minded music lovers.

The atmospheric ‘Flying Lizard’ is a stunning masterclass of dreamy, emotive soundscapes, with rousing drums beating the terrain while the track soars with an enrapturing melody. ‘Huch’ has listeners craving dancefloor heat with goading afro drum rhythms taking the lead before an elevating synth line weaves in some much-welcomed euphoria. Closing the EP is ‘Alambic’, a track equally as provoking in its afro-inspired drum pattern and percussion, and it’s one certain to invoke a positive response as pulsing pads drive momentum up a notch.

Acid Pauli Tour Dates

05.04.19 Germany, Berlin, Mensch Meier 
11.04.19 Switzerland, Crans-Montana, Caprices Festival  
12.04.19 Turkey, Istanbul, Zorlu PSM  
13.04.19 Turkey, Izmir, Izmir Arena 
14.04.19 Turkey, Ankara, Kite Club 
19.04.19 Portugal, Lisbon, Lux Frágil 
20.04.19 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Thuishaven 
21.04.19 Germany, Dresden, Showboxx 
10.05.19 Germany, Stuttgart, Kowalski, Discotronic Night 
11.05.19 Germany, Dortmund, Telekom Electronic Beats 
12.05.19 Germany, Berlin, X-Jazz Festival 
17.05.19 France, Paris, Yoyo – Palais de Tokyo 
18.05.19 Spain, Cádiz, Wakana Reunion 
10.08.19 Belgium, Zeebrugge, Wecandance 
11.08.19 Poland, Niemierzyno, Summer Contrast

Acid Pauli:Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| SoundCloud

Acid Pauli: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| SoundCloud

Nico Stojan Tour Dates

05.04.19 Germany, Berlin, Ritter Butzke 
11.04.19 Switzerland, Crans-Montana, Caprices Festival 
18.04.19 Switzerland, Basel, Das Viertel 
19.04.19 Switzerland, Lausanne, Attitude Nocturne 
26.04.19 Turkey, Istanbul, Firin The Cemetery 
28.04.19 Portugal, Monsanto, Flow Rooftop Party 
10.05.19 USA, San Francisco, Public Works 
23.05.19 Spain, Eivissa, Heart Ibiza 
26.05.19 Spain, Barcelona, Brunch in the Parc 
15.06.19 Greece, Mykonos, Alemagou, Sunset Party 
26.07.19 Germany, Goch, The Gardens of Babylon 
27.07.19 Germany, Ingolstadt, Taktraumfestival

Nico Stojan:Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

Nico Stojan: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud