Day for Night Visual Art Installations Lineup Dec 17 & 18 in Houston, TX


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Day For Night is excited to announce fifteen site-specific commissions and new media installations for the second edition of the festival. The 2016 Day For Night artists are AV&C + Houze, Children of the Light, Alex Czetwertynski, Björk, Damien Echols, Ezra Miller, Golan Levin, Michael Fullman, NONOTAK, Robert Seidel, Shoplifter, TUNDRA, United Visual Artists (UVA), and Various Projects.

Curated by Day For Night co-founder Alex Czetwertynski, the Day For Night exhibition program is a unique platform for artists to push the boundaries of their practice and create new sensory experiences for festival goers. Similar to the music line-up, which includes headliners Aphex Twins and the more underground Ariel Pink and Mykki Blanco, Day For Night presents an international group of emerging and established artists.

“Our intention is to bring together talents that fearlessly cross over multiple fields and blur the lines between media. From our more established artists, such as UVA and Bjork digital, who are both presenting works never seen before in the US, to our youngest artist, the twenty-year-old Ezra Miller, we want our audience to experience art at a scale that is almost impossible to see elsewhere, and in a grouping that would be hard to pull off in more traditional environments,” says Czetwertynski.

Exhibition Highlights:  

Björk Digital by Björk — an immersive, five-room exhibition of digital and video works experienced in VR, including Black Lake, Björk’s groundbreaking immersive film commissioned by MoMA. The artist will perform DJ sets at the Friday night preview party as well as during the festival.

Musica Universalis by United Visual Artists (UVA)  London-based art practice unveils its latest work, a spatial instrument that investigates resonances from far away objects in our solar system.

SHIRO by NONOTAK — Paris-based duo return for their second year to create a site-specific version of their piece “SHIRO,” which will act as both an installation and stage for live performance.

Reflector Suits by Children of the Light — Amsterdam-based visual artists create site-specific, living sculptures that appear to be floating in space, allowing for improvisational performances with their surroundings.

Warp Transmission by Ezra Miller — a live video feed of the main Day For Night stage combined with visuals for a meditative visual mash-up created by real-time generative animation.

Phases by AV&C + Houzé — a calming, slow-moving light installation and sculptural environment by Stephen Baker and David Bianciardi, the principals of New York-based studio AV&C, and their longtime collaborator Vincent Houzé.

Various Projects installation— two-story architectural intervention that doubles as an interactive lounge and recharging center.

Ghost Pole Propagator by Golan Levin — a responsive projection system that transforms the bodies of festival guests into animated stick-figures that act as interactive skeletons, altering perceptions of location and form.

Singularity by Michael Fullman — a generative spatial auditory experience that utilizes light to track and guide visitors through darkness by the Los Angeles-based artist and creative director of VT Pro Design.

HYBRIS by Robert Seidel — a large-scale, organic shape that mimics a living plant, blurring the line between physical and digital life, by the Berlin-based artist.

Ghostbeast by Shoplifter — a living, breathing interactive sculpture that feeds on sounds, growing inside a large cage during the festival.

OUTLINES by TUNDRA — a large-scale, multi-media laser-beam installation that plays with the concept of real and imagined boundaries. The St. Petersburg-based collective explores the interaction between audio and visuals with human emotion.

Sigil Room by Damien Echols — immersive light installation that acts as a stage for live performance by the artist, who was wrongly convicted of murder in 1994 and later freed in 2001.

Blurware by Alex Czetwertynski — an excavator wrapped in white pillows serves as the canvas for projections exploring the blurry line between soft(ware) and hard(ware), body and mind, solid state and immaterial aspiration.

More information about 2016 Day For Night artists and full music line-up here.

About Day For Night

Started in 2015, Day For Night is a visually immersive art and music festival that explores light, space, and sound. Co-founders X and X transformed the festival landscape by combining new media art and headlining musicians to create new sensory experiences. Day For Night will take place at the historic Barbara Jordan Post Office (401 Franklin Street), a 1.5 million square foot indoor-outdoor space.

The 2016 Day For Night music line-up includes Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Banks, Blood Orange, Butthole Surfers, Little Dragon, Jesus and Mary Chain, Squarepusher, Thundercat, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Mykki Blanco, and SOPHIE. Full line-up here.

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