ARTIST TO WATCH: MØME’S Debut Album “Panorama” Out Now


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Apple Music selected MØME as their New Artist of the Week


French chillwave artist and producer Møme just released his anxiously awaited full-length debut album, Panorama, at all digital retailers on November 25—Black Friday.

The Apple New Artist of the Week program features up-and-coming artists, editorially selected by Apple Music. You can listen to MØME’s new album here

Panorama includes hits such as “Aloha,” “Hold On” [feat. Dylan Wright], and “Alive” vs. Midnight to Monaco. A 2016 staple, “Aloha” is a huge hit in France and impressively averages over 4 million Spotify streams per month, while totaling over 96 million streams across all platforms since its release. Meanwhile, the latest single “Alive” quickly garnered over 809K streams and 320K views on YouTube/VEVO with its entrancing and engaging cinematic music video.

After composing his 2016 EP Aloha in a van traveling across Australia, the French-born chillwave maestro born Jérémy Souillart locked himself in a studio (not on wheels) to create what would become Panorama. Reflecting his passion for piano and guitar, there’s an organic energy that courses throughout the album that proves instantly invigorating.

The twists and turns of his career thus far landed Møme at Panorama. He began the journey with formal piano training at the prestigious Nice’s Academy of Music. From there, he picked up a guitar and joined a rock band before falling in love with computer- and synthesizer-created sounds. Merging that organic songcraft and electronic scope, he formally introduced a signature style with debut EP Eclipse in 2014. Born on the road, this music is meant to travel far and wide. As it continues to spread, Møme diligently prepares his full-length debut and most engaging statement to date. Get ready to take a trip with him.

The record has staked out a spot in iTunes Top 5 Electronic Albums Chart where it’s remained since dropping. Get it HERE.

*Photo credit: Mike Discenza*