[Show review] Mat Zo – Sisu, Dallas (Nov. 19th)

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DEC. 3, 2013


Matan Zohar, the 23 year old trance sensation, has just released his highly anticipated debut album “Damage Control” and already the charts are abuzz with excitement as the London native takes to the road.  My experience of Zohar, better known by his stage name, Mat Zo, took me to SISU Uptown in Dallas, TX, a chic establishment with a hookah bar, balconies overlooking the dance floor and bars on each level.  

Before we dive into the powerhouse that is Mat Zo, we’ll start with the opening act, Norin & Rad, the duo from California has played the likes of EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York and TomorrowLand in Belgium. The duo is the perfect opening act for Mat Zo with their high energy trance tracks that had the crowd moving as SISU Uptown quickly filled up.  As Norin & Rad’s set came to a close; Mat Zo descended upon the DJ booth rocking a forte London shirt and a snapback—the embodiment of cool and relaxed.  He meant business and was ready to leave the crowd in awe with his upcoming set.

Throughout the night Zo played most of his hit tracks such as; “Easy”, which reached #1 on Beatport, “Pyramid Scheme”, also a huge hit, and “Lucid Dreams”, had the crowd going wild and an array of other tracks that left myself and the audience wanting more. Before we knew it, Mat Zo was playing his last song and the show was over. Fans were hoping to interact with Zo, but after he thanked everyone. Security quickly shuffled him up the stairs away from his adoring fans. All and all, the staff at SISU Uptown was wonderful and the talented DJs threw one hell of a show. Mat Zo’s Damage Control tour is something you definitely don’t want to miss. For more tour dates, visit http://www.matzomusic.com.

By Brian Lockhart