Chus & Ceballos in Japan, new music “Kokoro” on Japanese label OTO Music


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The Iberican duo return to the Land of the Rising Sun, embracing once again its culture and spirituality.

On April 25th Chus & Ceballos will journey through the cities of Tokyo, Sapporo and Hiroshima start, ending this emotive trip with a ceremony at a temple and the release of ‘Kokoro’ on the Japanese label OTO MUSIC, an ode to love and passion of life.

‘Kokoro,’ means ‘ The Heart’ and also ‘ The soul of things’. Chus & Ceballos didn’t want to miss the opportunity of exploring their music through Japanese spirituality and their philosophy of life. They record the lyrics from a poem that talks about passion and the impact on their lives. Moreover, Chus & Ceballos’ journey into the ancestral world of Japan doesn’t end up here. They will attend a ceremony in the Temple of Hiroshima where they will offer their art to the Japanese people in the form of music, offering their composition ‘Kokoro’ to them. ‘ Kokoro,’ is a very soul-touching and intimate creation that contains three mixes, a Vocal Mix, Instrumental Mix, and a Tool-A-Pella.

Chus & Ceballos Live

“Kokoro” will be available, April 29th

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