Caspa Releases Ghost Town EP on Bassrush Records


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Caspa Releases Ghost Town EP on Bassrush Records

Caspa’s swaggering underground signature continues to swathe through late night metropolises with menace. This time it’s happening on one of America’s most respected and longest standing low-end units Bassrush. Building on a friendship made over years of bookings with the Insomniac team,‘Ghost Town’ is his first release with his US cousins. Hot on the heels of his forthright and firing one-track ‘Vibrations’ series, and weighing in at three tracks, it’s also his biggest release this year, too…

‘I am Future’ melts time so past, present, and future meet at one burning bass point with a killer spoken word sample and layers of mesmerizing metallic alien bass design. Galvanised by cavernous space between each precision placed element, the mood is tense and palpable throughout.‘What’s Happening To Me’ attempts to answer one of life’s most asked questions by way of seismic staccato riff and a sermon from one of the greatest, truest men to ever pick up a microphone. Life is a ride; scream if you want to go faster, scream if you want it to stop, scream how much you like, the only man at the controls here is Caspa… And we stop when he’s good and ready.

Finally, we seal the deal with ‘Ice Cold’; a rippling chorus of groaning croaks rises and falls over a smoking beat and rhythmic FX that purrs across the spectrum with hypnotizing effect. The danker and darker the dance you play this, the heavier and more twisted it sounds. Swaggering straight up from the underground, in a way that only Caspa knows how. Welcome to Ghost Town. Make yourself at home.

Track List

1.I am Future
2. What’s Happening to Me
3. Ice Cold