[Out Now] Album Review: Betsie Larkin “All We Have Is Now” Deluxe Edition

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NOV. 6, 2013

Betsie Larkin has a voice that is undeniably amazing and unique; it was made for the music she delivers on her latest “All We Have is Now” (Deluxe Edition) Album. So much so that it’s almost impossible to picture her gracing any other genre with her voice…but she has, and she does. She’s delved into rock and electronica and more. But her Deluxe Edition is all about pure electronic and trance and your soul can’t help but be tugged along with each new track.

I’ll say one thing, Betsie sticks to her self-declared roots and the album conveys what I can only describe as an air of nostalgia. I say that mostly because I don’t want to use the word old school…but maybe I will; I don’t necessarily say that as a negative or a criticism…just more of an observation.

The Deluxe Edition is packed full of remix tricks and extra bonus videos from her much loved first solo album “All We Have is Now” which won fans over in 2011. Due to popular demand by artists including Ferry Corsten, Manufactured Superstars, Solarstone, Lange and more, it expanded to a 30 track, three sixty compilation.

The album overall is beautiful and takes the listener on an exquisite vocal and melodic ride. I was constantly enthralled by her beautiful voice and the hauntingly sweet melodies. I hate myself for saying this because I wish it weren’t true, but the truth is I kept waiting for the journey to go deeper (maybe even darker?) I kept waiting for the hook. Maybe that says less about Betsie Larkin and more about me, or more importantly, more about the state of EDM music. Everyone’s waiting for the hook, that drop, that beat we’re all addicted to. This thought process alone made me listen to Betsie’s album again and again, until I found myself looking, and listening, for the deepness to what she brings to electronica and trance.

By the third time round I found myself haunted by her voice long after certain tracks ended, those included stunning stand outs including “Obvious”, “Let It Shine” and “Dream”. “Dream” alone gets three featured remixes each decidedly different from the other. Larkin’s Ambient Mix continues the blissful sounds of her previous tracks while heavy drums and progressive house are brought in by Jquintel & Jeziel Quintela and Manufactured Superstars, almost to the point where I didn’t think I was listening to the same album, and I’m not sure I liked being pulled so abruptly from my Larkin slumber. Meanwhile Ferry brings big room production to “Stars” and Tenishia creates an enraptured sound with her remix.

Betsie’s is the type of music and style that requires active listening and participation, she’s not going to do the work for you to prove to you the brilliance and beauty to her sound…that’s for you to discover and to work for. And while it may have taken me a few go rounds, it was worth it in the end, Betsie is stunning and her fans have solid backing for showing such loyal support to “All We Have is Now” which I’m sure will continue to grow with her newest Deluxe Edition.

By Lauren Stafford

ALL WE HAVE IS NOW is available now on iTunes, HERE.