BBC Radio1 Residency: Oliver Heldens (June 18 2016)


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BBC Radio1 Residency Oliver Heldens (June 18 2016)

Capturing the attention of Tiësto with his 2013 single “Gecko,” Dutch electronic dance producer Oliver Heldens began his career with a handful of singles on the CR2 label in early 2013. Since then Oliver has been touring and producing music non-stop. Constantly challenging himself in every aspect, and with no signs of slowing down.


Month after month I anticipate Steve Angello’s and Oliver Helden’s BBC Radio 1 residency, and for good reason.  The Swede and the Dutch showcase a worthy array of music from both emerging and established artists. Each month I am pleasantly exposed to new music that piques my interest. This time around, Oliver features a new track titled, “Ipanema” from a producer whose identity is tightly under wraps. We have no clue who he is, but his music speaks for volumes of his boundless talents. Don’t take my word for it. Go On. Hear it for yourself.