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DEC. 23, 2013



A few weeks ago on a frigid December day in the heart of Queens, New York. Fans lined the streets for a chance to meet, Dutch Trance Titan Armin van Buuren. To celebrate his upcoming ARMIN ONLY: INTENSE tour, van Buuren and his North American team handpicked a few media outlets, as well as a few lucky fans to an intimate affair at The Baroness Wine Bar to hear the details of his upcoming tour.


The ARMIN ONLY: INTENSE tour is a follow-up to van Buuren’s successful MIRAGE tour. The new world tour is inspired by Armin’s latest artist album, Intense (Armada Music). Armin Only is a concept that started in the early days of Armin’s career. Since the 1st editions in the early millennium years, the show has grown and come to life. Armin said, ”Unlike today, now that it’s all based on short sets and quick highlights, it used to be all about the long sets, the musical trips. That’s what Armin Only is based on – to take the clubbers on a six-plus hour journey into music. Through the Armin Only: Intense shows, I can tell them the full story of my Intense album – in fact of everything I’d like to say.”


Dedicated Armin fans didn’t allow the cold weather to dampen their spirits as they chanted Armin’s name every time they saw a car pull up to the venue. The unique meet & greet with Armin was something out of the box for the Grammy nominated producer and DJ.


As fans anxiously waited for Armin to arrive, he revealed in a tweet that he was, true to NYC fashion, stuck in Big Apple traffic. Something we New Yorkers come to expect especially on a Friday afternoon. Only Armin’s loyal fan base would make the most of the situation by dancing to the music blasting from the speakers. Fans patiently waited, but as soon as the trance king made his entrance the entire place went mental and a barrage of flashes and screams followed.




Armin walked in armed with a smile, dressed casually in jeans, a leather jacket and a zipped-up grey hoodie. He was the epitome of both, cool and down to earth. It was hard to believe that one of the world’s biggest producer’s and top DJ was standing in front of us in this quaint little place in Long Island City, Queens. Finally the moment everyone had been looking forward to had arrived. Armin climbed the make-shift stage greeted by a thunderous applause.




After graciously thanking his fans for attending and for patiently waiting. The massive screen beside the make-shift stage lit up as Armin explained to the crowd why ARMIN ONLY: INTENSE was going to be an extraordinary tour. He directed everyone’s attention to the screen as he introduced the promo video for the ARMIN ONLY: INTENSE. The crowd’s excitement could hardly be contained as they sang along to some of Armin’s songs while the promo video played. Suddenly everyone was secretly wishing that it was already April 11, 2014 and that we were at Madison Square Garden.




Armin in partnership with ALDA Events, in charge of the concept development, emphasizes that the new Armin Only – Intense will be a spectacle for each and every visitor. Promising an experience, a journey unlike any other. With a new world tour, greater expectations arise. Armin van Buuren and ALDA Events decided to team up with famous theater director, Jos Thie, and creative mind, Sander Reneman (owner of 250K). The two directors teamed up with the Intense crew, resulting in a completely unconventional and fresh approach to an electronic dance music show. Armin said of the new approach to the show, “The basis of Armin Only will always be a DJ set, but to make it more interesting for the crowd, I’m going to try and really make the live moments almost like you would witness them in a theater.” There will also be the creation of a road movie filmed during the entire tour, which will be made possible by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Philips.




True to his word, Armin took the time to meet each single fan, including those who patiently waited outside in the freezing cold. Regrettably we had to leave early for another event and could not stay with Armin and his fans. It was truly a sight to see, Trance legend–Armin van Buuren in Queens, New York. I don’t think Armin and his team could have picked a perfect and more appropriate place. Queens boasts some of music’s biggest legends; from Billie Holiday, Paul Simon, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Joey Ramone, NAS and RUN D.M.C. Armin gave those in attendance an early holiday present and possibly made their entire year by spending one-on-one time with them. Now that’s something you rarely see in this business.





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