3LAU HAUS Party TONIGHT at Webster Hall!

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NOV. 29, 2014

Tonight 3LAU is hitting New York City hard for his “3LAU HAUS Party,” named cleverly after his infamous radio show.

For a sneak peek of what to expect at the HAUS Party, here’s “3LAU HAUS #30,” his special mix for Thanksgiving, or “RaveGiving”:

In addition to the normal hype of 3LAU performing, he’s specially coming with a sick new track to play with that just came out yesterday, “We Came To Bang” with power house voice Luciana. Listen below for the intense hype sound:

And if 3LAU wasn’t enough to make you want to be at Webster Hall tonight, maybe the fact Lucky Date and Pierce Fulton are coming to the party as well will make you incredibly jealous that tickets are SOLD OUT!!

Claudia Manganiello