Road to Vegas: Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas Draws Headliners From More than 60 Countries Around the World

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With less than 80 days to go until
Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas, Headliners from six continents are preparing for North America’s largest dance music festival to celebrate
“20 Years Under the Electric Sky.” Tickets to the three-day adventure, featuring hundreds of artists across a sea of mind-blowing
new stage designs, are almost sold out. If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, don’t miss out on the experience and
head HERE for your pass to EDC’s 20th anniversary at the Las Vegas Motor

year’s festival will host fans from all 50 states and 61 countries,
with attendees speaking over 30 unique languages – from English and
Spanish to Chinese
and Arabic. California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and Colorado dominate
the U.S. in EDC attendance while Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom
and Mexico draw the largest international crowds. Headliners will travel
thousands of miles to get to Las Vegas, as
far away as Singapore – 8,828 miles, to immerse themselves in an
unparalleled world full of inspirational art and carnival-style thrills.

an ongoing series, will tell the stories of unique fans
planning their journeys to EDC Las Vegas from every corner of the globe.
In the first series
installment, a devoted husband from New Delhi, India speaks of his
plans to take his wife to EDC for the first time. Read more about the
cross-continental journey – all for the love of dance music –

EDC’s 20th year, Insomniac will create a jaw-dropping production like
no other, transforming the 1,000-acre speedway into a massive playground
celebrating music,
art, creativity and self-expression. With only a limited number of
tickets available, Headliners should purchase their tickets soon to not
miss this unforgettable experience of a lifetime. EDC Las Vegas tickets
are available for purchase

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