VICELAND Bus Heads to Austin, TX For SXSW March 11-18


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The VICELAND BUS is driving down to Austin, TX for SXSW and is scheduled to be in town from Saturday, March 11th through the 18th. The bus will camp out in various locales around Austin and can be tracked using its social media accounts.
The VICELAND BUS offers a high-energy mobile experience and enhances any live event, party or backdrop. It has travelled to some of the most renowned and culturally-influential events in North America including Art Basel, Comic-Con, Outside Lands and the Women’s March on Washington to name a few.

The interior is equipped with leather couches, AC, a DJ Booth, Karaoke Machine, VICELAND swag, and more. The VICELAND BUS offers passengers a space to hang out and take a break from the crowds…with the real possibility that anything could happen at anytime on board.  From a visiting VICELAND host, celebrity friends of the network to an impromptu breakdancing competition, nothing is out of the question.

Whether the bus is on the road to its next location or stationed in front an event, one thing is for sure: something’s going to happen.

Follow the VICELAND BUS here and tune in for special announcements:

Most TV channels are just a collection of shows – VICELAND is a collection of personal points-of- view. Everything at VICELAND has a reason to exist and a strong perspective. Our mission is to examine the world we live in, and explore the things that confuse us, make us curious, make us laugh, or awaken our sense of wonder. VICELAND features series examining all things culture, including music, food, technology, sex, fashion and more. The channel is overseen by Oscar-winning writer/director Spike Jonze, a long-time VICE partner and creative director for the company, and features series hosted by VICE newcomers like Ellen Page, Ian Daniel, Michael K Williams and Hailey Gates, as well as longtime VICE hosts like Action Bronson, Thomas Morton and Eddie Huang and its late night show “Desus & Mero.”