ShayGray: How You Doin’?

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We had a little back and forth with Borgore protégé ShayGray. In case you don’t know, he’s the newest signee to Dim Mak Records, calls Israel home, and knows how to rock the microphone. Look for the kid to make waves and peep his debut EP, Hipster Hype on iTunes June 3.

Is Maor Levi your homeboy?

He hit me up online not so long ago. Cool kid. 

Did you keep Passover? It’s okay, we know you didn’t. 

Been horrible this year..Only holiday I kept kosher was 4:20. 

Do bitches really love ice cream?

Who doesnt like ice cream? Maybe commi bitches dont like it 🙁 

The “Illuminati” music video is wack AF. What’s next?

Keep it offensive and as mildly artistic as possible. 

Is Riff Raff someone you look up to?

More as a spirtual leader than a musician. a lot of times I’d jesus riff raff b like yo “so what would riff raff do” – than go the opposite.

Who do you want to work with?

Nicki Minaj. I like her wigs. 

You are a double threat with producing and rapping. How do you see your sound evolving?

I don’t produce just rap. Umm I see it going everywhere. Been working on stuff from 175 bpm, 110 bpm, 90, 130, 80, 140  try to keep it different n versatile with every tune.

What are you turning down to right now?

Turn down for what dude?

The A$AP Mob asked you to join their collective. What is your name? 

“Asap sorry” haha im always late to everything.

By Zachary Ranes