Thomas Gold Releases First Part of New Album: ‘Revelation: Part 1’


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This is Thomas Gold as you’ve never heard him before. Still the same flawless production, still the same innate understanding of the dance floor, still the same acute attention to detail that millions of fans the world over have come to expect from the seasoned producer. But as he releases Part 1 of his 2017 long player ‘Revelation’ on Armada Music, he showcases a sense of maturity and a new sonic direction that radiate from his music.


The decision to change genre was a move that was always going to be risky. But it has without a doubt paid off, the end product being all the better for it. Already released, Part 1’s lead single ‘Magic’ has  clocked up a staggering 25 million streams on Spotify alone, was aired on the world’s biggest radio stations and has been snapped up by a deluge of major global label partners. Support tracks ‘Saints & Sinners’ and ‘Better Versions of Myself’ look set to follow suit while Thomas has somehow managed to save the best for last in new singles ‘Survive’ and ‘Sanctuary’.

Featuring Ida Hallquist on vocals, ‘Survive’ is nothing short of pure pop perfection. Upbeat and infectious, it’s an out-and-out summer anthem that carries the kind of musical electricity that begs you to raise your hands in the air, hang out of the car window or simply push your way to the front of the main stage, just to be a part of that moment. And where ‘Survive’ is upbeat, Thomas completely flips the script with ‘Sanctuary’, indulging in a piece that is in equal parts wistful, stripped back and searching. Low tonal vocal melodies hypnotize deliciously against chugging bass sections as TLJ provides a sultry top line that complements Thomas’s production. It’s a bold choice, but one that adds depth and breadth to the album as a whole piece of work and rightly deserves its place on the track listing.

Ultimately, ‘Revelation: Part 1’ is exactly that: the revelation of a producer finding a new voice and the confidence to explore it. Daring, scintillating and at its very essence, just truly beautiful music. If this is what Part 1 has to offer, fans new and old of Thomas Gold should be very, very excited to hear Part 2.

Thomas Gold

Photo Credit: Robert Wunsch