Themed Thursday: Neil Cicierega- Mouth Moods [First Edition #001]


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Today is the first day of many Themed Thursdays editions. Every Thursday you can look forward to something interesting coming out from one of our writers. We will post the hottest Trance, Techno, or even perhaps a Throwback music mix. To add a variety to your Thursdays periodically we’ll feature the latest in technology, science, gadgets or perhaps a TED Talk! These posts will definitely bring a new meaning to Thursday!

This Themed Thursday we feature a throwback mix by Neil Cicierega: Mouth Moods. Neil brings in artists from all over such as the SpiceGirls, Smashmouth, Drowning Pool, Survivor, Oasis and so many more. This is the latest installment of his mashup albums and It. Is. Great. This will definitely bring back memories. Get ready to jam out to a rad 90’s mix. LISTEN NOW!

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