Insomniac’s Discovery Project allows emerging new talent to perform at an Insomniac Show

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March 27, 2013 NYC

Insomniac Offers Aspiring DJs the Chance to Play at Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicago & New York through the Discovery Project

If you are an emerging, undiscovered EDM DJ and producer with mad skillz here’s your chance to shine.  Insomniac’s Discovery Project will allow several artists chosen from the competition to showcase their talent at this year’s EDC Chicago and EDC New York.  With a second set of winners having the opportunity to play at Glow Run and After Glow. The winning DJs will get the chance to perform alongside their idols and most of today’s top talent in electronic dance music. Proof that dreams do come true!

Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac is confident about one of his favorite initiatives, “The Discovery Project,” the goal of the project is to find emerging talent/untapped producers with a rare chance to perform on not one, but a few stages. EDC Chicago, EDC New York, Glow Run and After Glow to showcase their music. Pasquale adds, “As the dance music scene continues to grow so does the number of talent waiting for their chance to be heard,"  We search for those artists willing to experiment and introduce new sounds that will inspire our fans to dance like no one is watching.”

Up and coming DJs and producers should submit a 30-minute DJ mix that best represents their personal style, as well as a remix of Bad Boy Bill’s “Unsaid”  featuring Tamra Keenan. Artists can upload their mix with to MixCloud, while their remix of Bad Boy Bill’s track can be submitted to the Insomniac Events SoundCloud drop box.

More information on the Discovery Project is available at

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges from the Discovery Project team, main focus on track selection, originality and technical ability. No amount of plays or favorites from fans are required. Participants can promote their work/submissions through Mixcloud and personal social media platforms.

By Pamela Zhuklevich