[Show Review] Seven Lions at Webster Hall March 5

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MAR. 9, 2015


This past Thursday March 5, Seven Lions released his new EP “The Throes of Winter” and began his Throes of Winter Tour in none other than New York City at Webster Hall. And although the actual throes of winter in New York City that day threatened the show’s turn out, despite it all Seven Lions fans drove through the snow and braved the delayed public transportation out of excitement to hear the new music Seven Lions had to share.

“Don’t want to get all mushy. I deeply appreciate those of you that braved the weather and jammed out tonight. Love you more than you can know" 

                                                              -Jeff Montalvo on twitter that night


"No Matter the Throes of Winter or World’s Apart I’ll Always Be With You” read a fan sign that night, exemplifying that Seven Lions has some of the awesomest, most loyal fans. 

The show began with the classic Webster Hall resident Alex English getting the party started at 7pm. Next up Tommie Sunshine brought in the good vibes with a variety of tracks from Oliver Heldens to Martin Garrix and even Galantis.

The lights dimmed in Webster Hall let the balloons spelling out Seven Lions shimmer and then the 3 projection screens with the familiar Seven Lions symbol popped up and it was finally time to start the “Throes of Winter Tour.” Jeff came out on stage and greeted his fans at the front with handshakes and smiles.Then he began his set as different shades of winter-y blues lit the room and a mist appeared setting the tone the album does in music.

Within minutes, the crowd appropriately filled with a bunch of other men and women, with flowing luscious locks much like Seven Lions and all began head banging in sync to Seven Lions new music even with special guests Hailene to perform their song “The End” on the album and Davey Havok to perform “December.”

He also HAD to play some Seven Lions favorites like “Strangers” his track with Myon & Shane 54 and Tove Lo as well as the personal fave, “Don’t Leave” with Ellie Goulding that had the whole crowd singing together, listen here:

Jeff Montalvo has a unique sound that hits deep inside you so it’s always interesting to listen to and even more fun to enjoy with a room full of people who feel it too. If you’d like to listen to Seven Lions new album, “The Throes of Winter” out now on iTunes, listen on Rdio for FREE HERE!!

Catch Seven Lions on his tour at one of the dates below, PRESALES OPEN TODAY AT 12PM, when you can get tickets HERE!

Claudia Manganiello