Sander Van Doorn: How You Doin’?

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Gold Skies has been soaring with accolades ever since Martin Garrix gave us a preview at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. It’s been in the Top 10 since it release earlier this month and has gotten big time plays (we are talking million, people) on Soundcloud.

We spotted SVD at EDC NY and asked him a couple question about “Gold Skies” and “Joyenergizer.”

Joyenergize is a freaky music video. What was your thought process behind it?

I thought of the vibe of the track, old school, joy, dark, clubby, Icelandic vibe.

“Gold Skies” is a collaborative effort. Which part was done by each artist?

Dubbs wrote the vocals to the track. We all equally contributed to it though. Tweak, tweak, change melody (thought process). A little different, out of our comfort zone.

If you and Armin van Burren went on tour. What would it be called?

The Van

Who should we be listening to?

Oliver Heldens – Gecko. It’s a bit different.