Sam Feldt ‘Heartfeldt De-Tox’ brings environmental awareness to Ibiza this summer


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Sam Feldt brings his environmental awareness event ‘Heartfeldt De-Tox’ to Destino Pacha Ibiza

Sam Feldt is a DJ that has a social conscience, having set up the Heartfeldt Foundation a not for profit organisation that which encourages that we live our lives in a more eco-friendly way. Leading by example he has set the standard by choosing environmentally friendly ways to travel, looking at sustainability and bringing his social concepts to the parties he loves to play at.

With this in mind he performs a special event at Destino Pacha(Tox) on Friday Aug 13th and Sept 10th.

To action his promises from the event Sam has arranged a special ‘Beach Clean Up’ something which he trailed at Miami Music Week, and now brings to Ibiza. With a focus on pollution, littering and recycling, Sam beach clean team will be out and the day before the event about looking after the island’s coastline.

The party starts at Midnight and expect the spectacular production that comes with all of the Pacha groups events.

Denial Events have landed in Ibiza this summer for a collaboration with another globally recognized dance institution; Pacha. Taking place at the Pacha owned Tox club, within the idyllic Destino resort.

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