Richie Hawtin harken back to techno roots with audiovisual mix album, CLOSE COMBINED (GLASGOW, LONDON, TOKYO – LIVE)


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Richie Hawtin recently announced the next evolution of his award-winning ‘CLOSE live’ show – the audiovisual mix album CLOSE COMBINED (GLASGOW, LONDON, TOKYO – LIVE) available now.


For the best experience, please watch full screen.

For the best experience, please watch full screen.

The release is an experiment designed to bring greater transparency to the underlying art of DJing in the “press-play” era and intertwines three ‘CLOSE live’ performances from 2018 in Glasgow, Tokyo, and London together with crowd-sourced footage into a seamless audiovisual experience.

CLOSE COMBINED is the next evolution in the lineage of Hawtin’s iconic DE9 mix album, which Resident Advisor called one of the top mixes of the decade. It contains music from Charlotte de Witte, ANNA and many more, along with additional live production created with Hawtin’s on-stage arsenal of effects, drum machines, and analog synthesizers. The release was preceded last week by the single “Core Resonance (CLOSE COMBINED)” with Cortechs & Mental Resonance along with Hawtin’s additional production.

The a/v album is presented in a unique three-panel vertical layout allowing the viewer to observe distinct visual perspectives from the CLOSE performances – crowd view, stage set-up, and equipment close-ups – bringing the audience closer to the creative impulse that drives Hawtin’s performance. Hawtin worked closely together with long-term collaborator and project visual editor Ali M. Demirel to realize CLOSE COMBINED. Itaru Yasuda’s CLOSE Live visuals also receive their own focus in various angles throughout the video.

Richie Hawtin states: “I believe that as our scene has become more popular, the definition of DJing has become more narrow. I want to be as transparent as possible in how, why and what I play in order to bring focus onto the intuitive spontaneity that is at the heart of a great DJ performance. CLOSE COMBINED continues my exploration into my own creative tendencies and invite my fans along to get closer to the instinctive impulses that drive my creativity.”

Officially launched at Coachella in 2017, the ‘CLOSE live’ experiment was first tested on an unsuspecting audience at Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland in 2016. Since then, the show has been featured at festivals like Sónar, Primavera Sound, Nuits Sonores and concerts at The Roundhouse in London, L’Olympia in Paris, and the Sydney Opera House.

The multi-platform release will also be available in full on YouTube, Apple Music, and Facebook Video, with an audio-only version available on all digital music stores via his own Plus 8 Records imprint.

RICHIE HAWTIN Upcoming ‘CLOSE live’ shows in 2019

October 5 – Sónar Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
October 16 – ADE, Amsterdam, Netherlands (with Modeselektor & Sophie)
November 23 – Palladium, Los Angeles, USA



Richie Hawtin – CLOSE COMBINED (GLASGOW, LONDON, TOKYO – LIVE) – Tracklisting (Audio Version):

  1. Rosper, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Artificial Technology) [00:00]
  2. Eme Kulhnek, DJ Emerson, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Rolling Explicitly) [03:06]
  3. Kaiserdisco, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Acid Trip) [10:40]
  4. Cortechs, Mental Resonance, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Core Resonance) [15:19]
  5. Mental Resonance, Edit Select, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Antennae Select) [22:28]
  6. Edit Select, Rocky Miller, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Disengaged Acid) [25:10]
  7. Cam Deas, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Spontaneous Exercise) [29:40]
  8. Charlotte de Witte, Lewis Fautzi, S.Sic, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (These Restless Drums) [31:08]
  9. Kuvoka, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Kargi Kontinued) [36:31]
  10. Ricardo Garduno, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Heartwarming Acid) [39:59]
  11. Dario Sorano, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Hybrid Acid) [43:02]
  12. Balthazar & JackRock, Dario Sorano, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Hybrid Empire) [45:33]
  13. Jen Series, ANNA, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (When I’m a Freakin Acid Dream) [49:37]
  14. Christian Hornbostel, AlBird, Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Sensor Acid Overload) [54:38]
  15. Richie Hawtin – CLOSE combined (Moving Forward) [01:03:02]
  16. Ossa di Mare – Vague State of Being [01:03:59]
  17. The Sprawl – From Wetware to Software [01:06:19]
  18. Richie Hawtin – First Times [01:07:14]


Richie Hawtin (CLOSE – UK)

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