REVIEW: Tech N9ne at Gas Monkey Live (Dallas, TX) 10/26


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Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Tech N9ne fan, but, I am quite a huge fan of underground, and more specifically, lyrical rap. Consequently, my rap catalogue is made up of the classics like Nas, Tupac, and every member of the Wu-Tang Clan, but it’s also filled up with some of the underground greats, Mos Def, Binary Star, Immortal Technique, and K-Rino just to name a few. Having never gotten the chance to see any of these artists live, I was extremely excited to see Tech N9ne, as well as the other Strange Music artists, knowing that they take similar approaches to rap as all of the artists I know and listen to on a regular basis.

Upon arriving, the first thing that stuck out to me were the fans. People from all walks of life were attending this show and you could tell they were all die hard Tech N9ne fans. “Texas is Strange Music” shirts were prominent throughout the crowd, as were various other Strange Music and Tech N9ne adorned pieces of apparel. Maybe it’s because I don’t attend niche shows very often, but I had never seen this level of fandom at any event I had ever attended before and it was a key element in my overall enjoyment of the show. Seeing hundreds of fans sing along to such fast paced and complex songs was something I truly appreciated even if I wasn’t necessarily familiar with the songs that were being played.

Tech N9ne also brought along some killer openers, with Alsace Carcione delivering a socially conscious and at times, a heartfelt set that felt extremely personal, despite the fact that hundreds in the audience were there to witness it with you. JL B.Hood, the last person to open before Tech N9ne took the stage with Krizz Kaliko, brought his friend Joey Cool out with him, delivering one of the best rap sets I’ve ever seen, leaving me totally floored, not only with the quality of the music, but also with their skill as rappers/MCs. The speed and lucidity of delivery, the complexity of the rhyme structure present in their songs, and their overall stage presence was a delight to see and a much needed break from the type of rap music that fills the mainstream today.

Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko followed up behind JL B.Hood and Joey Cool, bringing more energy and better stage production to a full Gas Monkey Live crowd. The crowd energy was downright incredible and everybody there was bringing positivity to the venue, singing along to the songs, dancing, pumping their firsts, or just representing Strange Music. Even though I was relatively clueless compared to everybody else there, I felt right at home among the “Technicians”.

All in all, I had an excellent time. The skill of the rappers was out of this world, the crowd vibes were wonderful, the venue did a great job with the stage production, and JL B.Hood, Joey Cool, Krizz Kaliko, and Tech N9ne gained a new fan. I would recommend a Tech N9ne show to any fan of lyrical/underground rap and I most certainly can’t wait until the next time they are in Dallas!

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