REVIEW: Corona Electric Beach 2016


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Corona Electric Beach Chicago 2016 [Volleywood Party]

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Corona. Electric. Beach. Are there any words that you would rather hear? With A-Trak headlining, this was, with no doubt, the biggest party in Chicago last Saturday, July 17th.
I was a little unsure whether Corona, the sponsors of the event, would be embracing the rave culture associated with Electronic Dance Music or going for more of party on the beach. After attending, it was definitely a combination of both.
With A-Trak, Brenmar, and DJ Metro + Flipside, Corona Electric Beach was not an event that anyone could dismiss. And while it may have been too hot for fur boots or hats, there was still plenty of candy trading and people from the Chicago rave scene in attendance. The music alone was enough to satiate any of these fans; A-Trak put on a crazy performance, his new song Parallel Lines is a jam and gives a taste of the music A-Trak will be releasing in the upcoming future.
Corona Electric Beach also catered perfectly to the more casual Electronic Dance Music fans just looking to party on a summer weekend. The show took place at Volleywood, one of Chicago’s premier beaches just north of the city. There were three bars stocked with plenty of cold coronas. If you really wanted to ball out, there were cabanas that you could rent for the day, filled with sofas, free merch, and refreshments. Away from the stage, Corona had also set up a huge tent to chill in, equipped with beer pong tables and places to sit down. Right outside of the festival, there were thousands of Chicagoans playing volleyball and enjoying Lake Michigan. The beach atmosphere drew in a lot of people wearing just their swimwear and looking to dance and party.
Corona also managed to handle security perfectly. There were no fights or problems with security. But what especially impressed me was that they were way more lenient with allowing people into the VIP section towards the end of the show. The VIP section was right in front of the stage and by the time A-Trak was on, the VIP’s crowd sized had doubled and the place was bumping.
Overall, Corona Electric Beach was a perfect mishmash of Electronic Dance Music and beach party. Whatever your intentions were heading to the festival, it is hard to believe you did not have an outrageously good time.
See you guys next year!