Reva Devito Unveils Debut EP with Title Track “The Move” Produced by Kaytranada


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HW&W recording artist and Portland native, Reva Devito, releases her highly anticipated debut EP The Move via HW&W Recordings. The six-song body of work comes produced by Kaytranada and Com Truise and features retro-soundscapes incorporating influence from 90’s R&B to soul and funk music from today.

The Move is a collection of emotionally charged stories inspired by her friends and family that reluctantly deal with moving on from a difficult breakup, walking away and saying goodbye, following your path and refusing to settle.


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Reva Devito approaches her songwriting from a left wing approach that sets her apart from most modern-day singers and songwriters, presenting us with a timeless product which transcends the current state of anything popular. Devito’s compositions run reminiscent of early jazz while also serving as a reaction to the current state of dance and pop music. Reva is on a path of her own design, shamelessly pouring her heart and soul into her work, letting her emotions resonate with the listener. “Sultry and fun, modern yet timeless: DeVito offers up a diverse array of music with a soulful backbone.”

Each track on the record sits in its own capacity of emotion and sonic-quality; the title track ‘The Move’ falls in the realm of disco-influenced dance music while ‘Deeper’ takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the days of 90’s R&B.