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DEC. 20, 2013

When Tiësto launched Musical Freedom Records in 2011 he wanted it to be a platform to release music regardless of dance music subgenre. In 2013, the label branched out further by dropping a “Trap Music EP” and will soon explore deep house with the release of Oliver Helden’s buzzing single “Gecko.”

To expand the multi-genre approach of the label even further, Tiësto decided to relaunch Musical Freedom’s Podcast in open format. That is, he’s asking participating artists to provide a DJ mix of music from a genre outside their own. This new music policy will no doubt create a lot of excitement for both the artists and the fans.

Coinciding with their remake of Tiësto’s classic single, “Traffic,” emerging Dutch talent twoloud kicks things off with a special mix of trance classics. This one hour mix is filled with tracks from the golden age of trance including System F “Out Of The Blue,” Three Drives On A Vinyl“Greece 2000,” Paul Van Dyk“For An Angel,” Binary Finary “1998 (Gouryella Remix),” and the inimitable DJ Tiësto “Adagio For Strings,” among many others.

twoloud’s remake of Tiësto’s classic “Traffic” out now on Musical Freedom.

Musical Freedom Podcast Tracklist

01AylaAyla (Taucher Mix)

02 Cygnus-X – Superstring (Rank1 Mix)

03System F – Out Of The Blue

04 Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000

05 DJ Tiësto – Adagio For Strings

06 ATB – Let YOu Go (WippenbergRemix)

07 Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel

08 Rank 1 – Breathing (Airwave)

09 Binary Finary – 1998 (GouryellaRemix)

10 Carlos – The Silmarilla

11 Cosmic Gate – Exploration Of Space

12TukanLigt A Rainbow (Wippenberg Remix)

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