Playground Reveals Stacked Lineup for their Burning Man Fundraiser Event in San Francisco on March 22


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All Proceeds to benefit SOUND CAMP ‘PLAYGROUND’ at they year’s Burning Man. LINEUP: Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Pleasurekraft

The buzz is strong on the event that will see Carl Cox perform his first US show of 2019, a fundraising event for ‘ Playground‘, a sound camp he founded with Russell Faibisch, after many years of attending Burning Man on his own. Carl and Russell have culled a production team of dedicated artists in their own right, that lend their time, talent and heart to making Playground what it is today.  Each crew member are integral parts of creating a camp that is inclusive, safe and a true experience of sight and sound. Although Carl is often seen as the steward and shepherd of this amazing flock, the camp is a family affair and exists only with a communal heart. 

On March 22nd, Carl will return to San Francisco to join a stacked lineup of friends who are donating their time and talents, all for the benefit of Playground’s camp at this year’s Burning Man. The money raised directly funds the camp facilities, production, and crew.

Playground Lineup Burning Man Fundraiser Event on March 22

Artists at this year’s fundraiser include Opulent Temple co-founder, Syd Gris. and Distrikt camp co-founder, Ben Seagren.  Both Opulent Temple and Distrikt and are prominent sound camps at Burning Man, each with their own dedicated followings, and camp’s that Carl has supported, enjoyed and played at many times across the years. These three camps of Playground, Opulent Temple and Distrikt share a special bond with one another and, when they come together, If you want to get all biblical about it- it’s a religious experience. 

Playground started small and most who landed in the camp that first year were those just passing by to get someplace else, but the music and vibe pulled them in. From that humble start, it has steadily grown over the years and, in a very organic way, because the energy, music, and people are what makes Playground so special. Each year the camp receives it’s fair share of requests to join, and the camp team make every effort to include as many new members as possible.

When Playground returns to the playa this year, you can expect that the family will make the experience unforgettable in every way possible and put every drop of raised funds toward an even more amazing production than last year. From Playground’s welcoming lounge area with space to chill and drinks on tap, to the now iconic Arrival stage, you can bet that the whole Playground team are always striving to deliver an immersive experience to remember, forever. 

Join Carl Cox on March 22nd at the Midway in San Francisco for what will surely be a legendary party.