Peggy Gou talks “Starry Night” exclusive video, new music, and more on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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Peggy Gou talks to  Zane Lowe  on Apple Music’s Beats 1 about her exclusive music video for “Starry Night,” new music, and more.  Apple Music teamed up with Peggy Gou for the premiere of the acclaimed dance/electronic artist’s video for her song “Starry Night.’ 

Peggy Gou – Starry Night Music Video via Apple Music (PREVIEW)

Watch the “Starry Night” music video on Apple Music HERE

The video was directed by German photographer and filmmaker Jonas Lindstroem, and shot in South Korea. Lindstroem most recently made headlines with Calvin Klein’s latest global campaign. The video features not only Peggy but also international star Yoo Ah In, the lead actor in the acclaimed film ‘Burning.’

On writing “Starry Night”

Peggy Gou: It’s the feeling that I remember that I used to always rush myself. I want to finish the show. I want to finish the tracks, but a lot of producers that inspires me used to tell me that when you know it, you know it. You will know it. Don’t rush anything. So when I have a track, of course, after it makes you forget I got a lot of pressure to make another, sorry. That’s why it took actually more than a year for me to finish this track, and it was challenging for me. But when I finished it, I also felt that this track is finished and it’s ready. And actually the reaction is not something I have been expected.

On the inspiration for the video

Peggy Gou: W hen I always wanted to do video since I’ve been making Once EP and then it came to an idea that I was a big fan of Jonas Lindstroem who was the director and then I did speak to him about the video, to if he is interested and first time he came with the idea, he actually took two weeks to answer me, because I thought he didn’t want to do it. And then he came back with a statement saying, “You know what? This, it should be about… He wants to do in Korea because I believe that a lot of Korean artists that wants to be European, they want to copy European culture, but actually he’d been researching a lot of Korean culture deeply. So this choreography, this music, to me, and also for him, is about how people wants to feel alive. And then, we were talking about something like, I want to do something that dance like nobody’s watching you. And also the dance and the music is the moment that connects everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you do. So this came to this idea and then we research it deeply and then he found Ganggangsullae, which was a really old, traditional dance that they used to dance under the moon and wishing the happy New Years and stuff. So this is how it came up, to be honest, I must say, I need to give him credit for this because it didn’t came from me, but our goal was to achieve that everybody wants to feel alive and what connects people is music and dance. Have you watched the movie Burning? The guy from Burning, he is basically like Ryan Gosling in Korea, and he saw the treatment and he said to me that actually Jonas made a better treatment than any other Korean director. He did say that.

On the reaction to her music encouraging her to finish her Moment EP

Peggy Gou: Yeah, the crowd, the reaction, and yes, the support it’s giving me being able to be me and be able to do what I want to because I remember very first time when I was trying to sing in my language, I was very nervous. I send it to all one of my producer friend. What do you think? They not going to understand me. Maybe my language it sounds funny. Maybe they don’t like my voice. I had a lot of fear. I always believed you don’t know if you don’t try. And after it went through, and after this reaction and this support, I was able to try once more and that’s my Moment EP.

On new music

Peggy Gou: You know what? I’m actually starting, this year, in the beginning I was telling myself 2019 is all about album, but you know what? With my crazy schedule, I’m not a robot. It’s not possible. I have told myself I’m going to start properly from September, and once it’s done, I don’t know how long it would take because once sometime I make music and I go back and I think it’s shit or I don’t like it anymore. So it can take less than a year, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to take more than a year and it’s only because I would like to prepare a live set together with an album. And that’s also something I need to figure out and it will take time because when you, if DJ, live set’s completely a different story and I think when you do a live set it’s more alone. You have full responsibility, more responsibility. And I want to do it good, and so I can’t promise. I can’t tell you when exactly it’s coming, but it’s on the way. I’m also somebody who wants to push my limit as well. I always tell myself I never want to lose butterfly and since I’ve been DJing until now, every time I play I get butterfly. And a lot of people think that will lose it very soon but I always tell them, “But it’s okay. When I lose butterfly from DJing, that’s the time for me to move on to live set.”

On the power of saying No to things…

Peggy Gou: How did you know that? That’s actually my secret weapon that. How did you know I’m very good at saying no? Thank you for recognizing that and then properly… Yeah, that’s probably one of the reasons why I don’t have a manager. I can’t have anyone to tell me what to do, basically. It’s instinct. Is it boring answer? Sometimes a lot of people ask me, “What’s no?” But I’m not really good at explaining why. I can’t rationalize my decisions. Sometimes it just from my instinct. I just know myself really well. Even this music, even this fashion, for me, I know what doesn’t look good on me. And I know what I can do good. I know what I not going to be good. So I guess whenever I hear any, like all the inspiration, so I’m very specific about where I find my inspiration. It can be a sound. It can be visual. So whatever is not in my zone, it’s no. If it’s in my zone, yes. Does that make sense, though?

Watch the “Starry Night” music video on Apple Music HERE.

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Zane talks to Peggy Gou about her music video for ‘Starry Night’, working with Jonas Lindstroem and what’s next for her