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Night 2 – 17th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (Saturday, June 22, 2013)


115,000 revelers descended upon the Diamond in the Desert AKA the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to partake in the 17th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival. EDC Las Vegas is a sacred pilgrimage for festival junkies & EDM lovers alike. Our modern day Woodstock, but with neon, fireworks & technology. The experience is unlike any other and year after year Insomniac manages to surpass itself. Leaving us with stories & friends to cherish for a lifetime.


75 dance music acts seized seven stages from dusk til dawn. Keeping fans emerged in the experience of a lifetime. Interactive art installations like “The Pool,“ by artist Jen Lewin and “The Electric Daisy” by artist Poetic Kinetics, a 100-foot moving flower rising above revelers both designed to dance, play and engage.  Presented by the Flaming Lotus Girls—Soma, a 25-foot high & 50-foot long interactive sculpture made its debut at this year’s festival. Soma includes fire effects that were controlled by fans from a distance, allowing them to communicate with the installation itself. How cool is that!


Theatrical performers took hold of the complex with a parade at 11:30 PM which started off at the Circuit Grounds stage with more than 50 of the festival’s clowns, Lollipop girls, and more joined alongside the art cars.  Several hitched a ride on the Pushing Daisies art car, a float-style bouquet with female performers in character as flowers.


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See you all at the next Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s never too early to plan for next year.


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Photo Credit: Insomniac/Curios Josh & Erik Kabik