NEW MUSIC: Scarlet Pleasure – “What A Life”


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Breakout Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure release a brand-new single “What a Life”

‘What A Life’ marks the beginning of a new Scarlet Pleasure era. The Copenhagen three-piece, consisting of childhood friends Emil, Joachim and Alexander, make songs that melt somewhere between 90s RnB, campfire guitar bops and electronic pop. On ‘What A Life’ – their first single of 2019 – they’ve come up with an edgy, playful production and a melody that I promise is one of the most catchy earworms you’ll hear this winter!

Scarlet Pleasure – What A Life from Copenhagen Records on Vimeo.

‘What A Life’ is inspired by the Italian folk song, ‘Bella Ciao’, that was an anti-fascist resistance song during World War 2 and lyrically it portrays a young man, woman or even a generation on a constant high looking for “the beautiful life.”


Scarlet Pleasure consists of childhood friends Alexander Malone, Emil Goll, and Joachim Dencker. Stay tuned for more to come from Scarlet Pleasure in 2019.