NEW MUSIC: Pat Lok’s ‘Corazon” EP Drops on Friday, 6/14


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Not to be mistaken with the lady realtor in Florida with the same twitter handle, producer/musician/songwriter Pat Lok is set to unveil his all-new Corazon EP this Friday, June 14th via Kitsuné Musique. 

Corazón is both fiction and cautionary tale, metaphor, and lament – revolving around a relationship that takes place over only 36 hours. In the larger sense, Corazon is about something we each deal with in varying levels and how we treat ourselves and each other in a time of ‘instant everything.’ We all desperately want real connections but maybe aren’t so sure how to go about them building them. Sometimes these intense, rapid encounters occur naturally – but sometimes they are just illusions we’ve built up in our minds from clicking ‘Like’ on a few posts or exchanging a few messages. 

Listen to Pat Lok:

The opening song “Don’t Think” warns of the dangers ahead and all their trappings. The curious stylings of “Know Me”introducing our two lovebirds ease into the confident refrain of “Fearless,” as they follow the night into the hedonistic careless energy of “From The Back.” This infatuation ratchets up to dizzying heights but as morning arrives, our main character sadly realizes the entire encounter will remain in the past (perhaps entirely imagined?), as the defiant “So Over It” plays us out. It’s a relatable storyline masterfully intertwined within a cohesive body of work as you’ve never heard before.