OUT NOW: Fehrplay ‘Tannhauser’ EP on Mood of Mind


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Two weeks after kicking off his North American live tour, Fehrplay released his second EP Tannhauser off his newly launched label Mood of Mind. Taking listeners on a deep journey in the midst of his musical creations, Fehrplay’s 2 track EP showcases just precisely what’s he been up to in the studio. Deep progressive melodies tantalize the senses, while eerie synths permeate a feeling of nostalgia and ominous baselines lurk in from behind. Known for his cinematic productions, and intricate production skills, it’s no wonder Mood of Mind was born.

“The name Tannhauser is inspired by the Opera by Richard Wagner. The sound of that track is inspired by Blade Runner. In the Blade Runner movie, they mention Tannhauser (one of the most famous scenes). My Favorite movie is Blade Runner mainly because of the music composed by Vangelis which inspires my music all the time –  the emotion, the sounds, the tension all are present in my releases.” – Fehrplay

Tannhauser – As the title track of the EP, Tannhauser locks listeners into an eight minute portal of musical bliss. It’s almost as if you were on an adventure in the middle of an utopian island, and you’re being presented the view for the first time – a magical sense of aura falls over you. The breaks leave you in a state of awe as you take it all in- how did you end up here? The adventurous baseline kicks in as you continue your journey. Where to next?

Void – Starting off with dramatic cinematic synths, Void holds a mysterious vibe with its galactic elements until the magnificent progressively deep bassline drops in, transforming the track into a dance floor frenzy.

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