Techweek To Transition to Benefit Corporation and Appoints Amanda Signorelli as New CEO


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Techweek, the world’s largest community-driven tech entrepreneurship festival and media platform, is proud to announce its intention to transition to a Public Benefit Corporation.

“Transitioning to a Benefit Corporation creates the fiduciary framework to enable mission-driven companies like Techweek to meet higher standards for community engagement, technical performance, accountability and transparency,” said Amanda Signorelli, new CEO of Techweek.


Throughout Signorelli’s time at Techweek she has taken roles in several functions beginning as a Director of Business Development then moving to operations. As the Director of the startup Launch Championship she built Techweek’s Launch competition where she brought in almost over 200 startups.  Prior to Techweek, Amanda was a Management Consultant at Mckinsey & Company where she worked across numerous industries in both strategy and operations. Amanda graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in International Business and Marketing and minor in French.


Techweek focuses on markets where they believe there is opportunity to spread tech entrepreneurship. To embolden the mission, Techweek is transitioning to a Public Benefit Corporation which will create a governance foundation with a clear dual-purpose mandate. As a Public Benefit Corporation, management and the board will be empowered to invest time and effort in Techweek’s mission, in addition to traditional corporate obligations. After operating in larger technology communities for 5 years, Techweek has been approached by a number of emerging technology hubs and partners looking to showcase and provide a platform for their innovation growth.


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