[Mysteryland USA] Hardstyle Hits Woodstock, The Sound of Q-dance

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MAY 5, 2014

The Sound of Q-dance is traveling East, bringing Hardstyle to one of counter cultures iconic venues, Woodstock’s 1969 original grounds, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the new home of Mysteryland USA. For over 12 years, Mysteryland has championed Q-dance, which explores the harder styles in dance music in an indoor tent, where all of those who are in search of faster BPM’s can escape and let loose. This will be Q-dance’s first Northeast showcase after its US debut in 2012, and an ongoing West Coast tour. 
Rebellious, antagonistic, authentic; these are the qualities that underpinned the original Woodstock, they’re the values held dear by Hardstyle culture, and the spirit at the heart of Q-dance, the world’s premier Hardstyle brand.
Befitting its environs, The Sound of Q-dance, will see Hardstyle return to its underground roots, presenting artists from across the harder styles of dance music in an intimate tent setting. At Mysteryland, Q-dance will revert to the essence of Hardstyle culture, giving dedicated fans the chance to see their favorite acts up-close and personal.
Across two days The Sound of Q-dance will present sixteen artists from across the harder styles of dance music, with icons like Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez, joining a new generation of Hardstyle stars including Coone and Sylence.
Watch the Countdown to Mysteryland, below;