MUSIC FROM AROUND THE GLOBE: Switzerland’s Milo Häfliger – Leveldva, Moscow


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Milo Häfliger – Leveldva, Moscow
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Just when it seems safe, Milo Häfliger brings us another deep and soulful set and down the rabbit hole we go once more. Milo passion for electronic music shines in his music and his sets. The guy’s goal is to give maximum experience through music. What more do we need?

Having recently performed in NYC’s ZERO Boat party, Milo will be touring Europe next along with 2 dates in St. Barth. Crossing my fingers that I’ll get to catch him in Berlin, Munich or Paris this September. If you’re lucky enough to have him in your city, go check Milo out. You won’t regret it, trust me.

Connect with Milo Häfliger via Facebook | SoundCloud.

Tour Dates: 

– 17.07.16 New York, Zero Boat
– 31.07.16 Amsterdam, Zauer’s Mikrokitchen festival
– 05.08.16 St Barth, Summer Sessions
– 06.08.16 St Barth, Summer Sessions
– 13.08.16 Zeebrugge, Wecandance festival
– 10.09.16 Luzern, Endlich Glücklich festival
– 17.09.16 Los Angeles, tba
– 28.10.16 Zürich, Hive
– 01.12.16 India, tba
– 09.12.16 Zürich, tba