MetaPop The First & Only Platform Devoted To Monetizing Fan Remixes for Remixers & Rights Holders

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MetaPop is the new venture from Matthew Adell (former CEO of Beatport) and Michael Mukhin (former CTO of Boomrat).  MetaPop is the premier global provider of Remix rights management, licensing, tracking, distribution and royalty services for Remixers and Rights Holders.

There are millions of Fan Remixes across the web that are not being
monetized properly by original rights holders or their creators.  Fan
Remixes are taken down haphazardly by “anti-piracy” services with no
regard to the value they create, and thus, creativity is being stifled,
and money is being lost. MetaPop research has shown:

  • There are over 8 million remixes on youtube that are currently not monetized for the original artist nor the remixer

  • There are over 100,000 remixes on Beatport that are currently not monetized for the original artist

  • 10% of all music listening is to remixes on Youtube

  • On Soundcloud, it may be as high as 50%, depending on what the original content is

  • For example…

    • Tear for Fears “Pale Shelter”

      • Original version has fewer than 10,000 plays

      • There are 162 unmonetized “Fan Remixes” of the track

      • “Fan Remixes” have been played over 250,000 times

is the solution to this problem. MetaPop’s Proprietary Remix Finder
technology locates Fan Remixes on platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud,
and more.  Metapop’s Remix Finder technology indicates there are over
2.5 million Fan Remixes online generating a billion plays month.

By connecting rights holders and remixers
MetaPop can monetize Fan Remixes for Rights Holders, creating an
entirely new revenue stream for labels from Fan Remixes and their plays.
MetaPop is free to use for both rights holders and remixers.

this rapidly growing digital music space, the creation and demand for
remixes continues to grow.  We believe that both rights holders and
creators need to collaborate and MetaPop is the solution.  Our unique
approach allows us to locate and track fan remixes across the web, with a
particular focus on monetizing Youtube and Soundcloud.   We will also
promote that content, encourage engagement and make this amazing music
available for further distribution.  Together we can open new channels
to create and release great music.  Once labels have exclusively
partnered with MetaPop they no longer need to focus on takedowns and
“anti-piracy” effort, and instead can focus on making great music that
makes money.” – Matthew Adell

MetaPop has signed over 11,000 labels to date.

Last week MetaPop became the first platform in the world to clear and monetize Fan Remixes.
In partnership with Tommie Sunshines Brooklyn Fire Records, its
existing members remixed The Vandal Squad’s “Fresh 2 Death”. Those
remixes have been monetized and have begun to appear on the MetaPop YouTube channel.

Furthermore, MetaPop is already working
with over 800 additional remixers, and some of the most popular remix
artists online like Hood Internet, Tommie Sunshine, K Theory, DJ
Silverfox, Luxxury, The Reflex, and more. MetaPop is also working with
Symphonic Distribution, which manages distribution and oversees
royalties for more than 1400 artists and labels, including Bass Nectar
and Heavy Artillery Recordings.

Here’s what’s being said about MetaPop:

“Without remixes, there is no dance music. MetaPop has arrived just in time to make this all make sense for everyone involved!” – DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine.

have been creating and producing bootleg white label records for
decades. Unique and often rare remixes; secret weapons in the club. The
Internet opened up the playing field, made it even more global. SO MUCH
incredible creation is out there already, and so much is still to come.
The world needs a company like Metapop to help make these remixes work
for everyone.” – Steve Reidell, The Hood Internet, whose remixes have received more than 50 Million plays on Soundcloud and YouTube.

truly believe MetaPop is a solution that can help fix a growing problem
for a content creator wishing to do a remix of a popular or major
artist while also protect the rights and interests of the major artist,
label, and brand who has also worked hard to put out a production for
fans to enjoy.”  – Jorge Brea, Founder & President of Symphonic Distribution

Discover the new solution for remixers, rights holders at the new MetaPop

Check Out Troyboi & Diplo ft. Nina Sky – Afterhours (Empia Remix):